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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you give free estimates?

Yes, Custom Design Proposal and Estimates are Free.

How long does a bid proposal take?

It usually will take anywhere from 20-45 minutes.

What are your price ranges?

Our jobs start at $400 for professionally installation roofline lighting.  We also offer packages to fit your budget. Of course, the more elaborate the decorations the higher the price will be.

How long does the install take & do I need to be home for the service?

The install will take anywhere from 2-8 hours.  In most cases the customer does not need to be home for the installation, maintenance, or take down.  However, you must be home to receive a bid proposal.

What happens if the lighting overloads my electrical circuits?

Byrd’s Christmas Decor utilizes industry wide formulas that determine the total electrical output per project to determine the best place for electrical connection.  Because of this we rarely see circuits overloading due to our installations.  In the event you experience an overload, we will send a technician out to assess the problem.

What if something happens to my lights?

We are a full service company.  Your lights and decorations are guaranteed day-to-day.  If you have any problems we will respond within 24 hours.

Do you guys have a lift for commercial installations?

Yes, we do use a lift if the project calls for it. 

When do you start the decorating season?

We begin decorating homes starting November 1st, and work all the way until December 24th. We start taking down lights January 5th.

Will my Christmas Lights stay on all day?

No, we will provide you with an outdoor timer that will turn your lights off and on depending on the setting you so desire. We normally set the timers to run from 6pm until dusk, just let one of our technicians know if you have a different preference.

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